Porcelain Bridges

One bridge you won’t want to burn

Did anyone ever tell you ‘not to burn any bridges’? While that may be sound advice, we’ve all done it. Whether it was the dreaded ex or a mooching friend, some bridges are better off burnt – but thankfully, porcelain bridges from Dr. AJ Gollofon are not on that list.

What are porcelain bridges?

Porcelain bridges are dental appliances artfully crafted from durable, natural-looking tooth colored porcelain to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Porcelain bridges are also commonly referred to as dental partials, or partial dentures. Porcelain bridges can either be fixed or permanent, or they can be removable.

Removable bridges

Removable bridges can replace a single or multiple teeth, and are secured in place with micro-clasps. Removable bridges, as the name implies, can be removed for easy cleaning.

Fixed bridges

Fixed bridges are a more permanent solution for missing teeth. Fixed bridges rely on the surrounding teeth to serve as anchors. The use of crowns on either side of the gap and attached to the fabricated teeth ensures greater stability. Bridges can also be secured with the help of dental implants for added security. Fixed bridges cannot be removed, and should be maintained the same as your natural teeth.

The option that is best for you will be determined in a consultation with your Seattle dentist, Dr. AJ Gollofon. The decision will be based upon your personal needs and preferences, and what Dr. AJ Gollofon thinks is best for your individual situation. He will evaluate the health of your remaining teeth, bone, gum tissue, as well as your need for lip and cheek support. Aesthetic, hygienic, and long-term maintenance advantages will be taken into careful consideration during treatment planning.

Benefits of porcelain bridges

While the cosmetic and functional benefits of replacing missing teeth are fairly obvious, especially if you’ve experienced it yourself. Hiding your smile and avoiding some of your favorite foods is no way to live. What many patients don’t realize, however, is the health factor.

Your oral health is a complex system that is actually part of a larger, more complex system that is your overall health. When one component breaks down, the entire system becomes compromised. When teeth are left missing, the surrounding teeth are not supported and can begin to shift or rotate. Your bite will be affected, and without the supporting tooth root, the jawbone will actually begin to deteriorate. Your Seattle dentist always recommends replacing missing teeth – not just for your smile, but for your health, and your life.

If you have any questions about porcelain bridges, or would like to schedule a consultation with your Seattle dentist, Dr. AJ Gollofon, please contact us today at (206) 363-7200. Our office is conveniently located in North Seattle on Lake City Way!

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